Legal vs. Illegal Steroids

By Michael White / September 4, 2017

At one time people did not have a choice if they wanted to use steroids in order to help them build up their bodies as only illegal steroids were available. Today that has all changed since the introduction of legal steroids. Today there are legal steroids like crazy bulk so people now have a choice and as these steroids are legal, they are becoming very popular.

The main difference between the two types of steroids is the fact that the illegal steroids are illegal due to a large number of side effects having been associated to them whilst the legal steroids, which are all natural as opposed to the synthetic illegal steroids which have not had any side effects associated with them. Therefore of course the legal steroids are healthier and safer. The problem is though those illegal steroids have been around for years and there is no doubt that they do what they claim in helping people to beef up their bodies. The legal steroids on the other hand are more recent and so their effectiveness may yet be in doubt.

As the legal steroids have so quickly become as popular as they are, there are many different types and many different brands available today and not all of them have the same efficiency. Add to that the fact that some steroids, illegal or legal may act differently with different people, it is impossible to give a blanket answer that all the legal steroids are effective but at least some are.

The different brands of legal steroids are of course due to different manufacturers but the different types, like illegal steroids, serve different purposes. Some of the more popular brands and their particular products are:

Crazy Mass – This is one of the original makers of legal steroids and so they are the ones which paved the way for others. There products include

  • Testosteroxn – This is builds energy and strength, it also increases free testosterone levels to increase the size of the muscles
  • Paravar – this burns fat whilst preserving muscle mass to help the body look muscular
  • Clentrimix – This is another fat burner
  • Winnidrol – This also metabolizes fat without causing muscle loss

Crazy Bulk – This brand claims to be able to give a body a chiseled look in just 30 days and some of their products are:

  • Test0-Max – this stimulates the production of testosterones
  • Winsol – This burns stubborn fat whilst maintaining muscle
  • Clenbutrol – This causing the metabolism to increase by increasing the internal temperature
  • Anvarol – This boosts energy levels

Marine Muscle – These are probably the most potent of all the legal steroids available today and their product line includes:

  • Alpha – This gives you the ability to train more intensively and for longer periods
  • Colonel – This turns body fat into energy and also makes the veins stand out, affording a more muscular look
  • Trooper – This increases testosterone to increase strength and muscle
  • Winger – This leaning agent will provide you with a chiseled look
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